Massage During your Pregnancy

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Massage During your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of many things: joy, wonder, excitement, love, fear, worry… The list goes on. Each journey is unique, while at the same time shares many threads of common experience.

At The Nest we hope to support you in whatever way you need. We offer massage for any time throughout your pregnancy and each treatment is tailored to suit your needs that day. We also love to continue support through the postpartum time, breast/chest feeding, and massage for your infant. Other family members are always welcome too!


Prenatal Massage / Pregnancy Massage

Physically, pregnancy can cause some (many) to experience physical aches and pain.

Pregnancy can also bring up cues from our emotional body.

Massage therapy during pregnancy can be a great way to address many of these concerns and can help to bring more ease to your experience of growing a human.

In fact, pregnancy massage has been proven to be a safe and effective way to decrease pain during pregnancy. Pregnancy massage has also been shown to be helpful for improving sleep, managing stress, improving mood, restoring and/or maintaining balance in your changing body, helping you to prepare for childbirth, and allows for you to feel into the immense changes that are happening to your body.

We also like to focus on making space for your baby to move and grown by releasing fascial restrictions throughout the body. This includes abdominal massage or belly massage. This might sound weird to some, but belly massage during pregnancy feels amazing!

Pregnancy massage is safe to receive throughout all trimesters of pregnancy. At The Nest we have a pregnancy pillow support system to you can lay face down on the table. We’re also able to use pillows to get you into a comfy position on your side if that feels better. Please contact us if you have further questions. We look forward to supporting you throughout your pregnancy!

By Carlie Hickson, RMT

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