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Carlie Hickson, RMT

The Nest is a pregnancy & postpartum registered massage therapy in Nelson BC that focuses on maternity massage, infant & children’s massage, and more.

Carlie is a Registered Massage Therapist and owner of The Nest Registered Massage Therapy practice. She was born and raised in Nelson BC and couldn’t be happier to have established her practice in this community.

Carlie’s treatments incorporate a variety of modalities including myofascial release, scar tissue and post-surgical treatment, lymphatic drainage, cranial sacral therapy, and therapeutic exercise. She has a passion for working with individuals during pregnancy and continuing care during the postpartum period for both parents and infants.

Our Clients at The Nest

I have seen many RMT's over the years, and Carlie isone of the best. She is very knowledgeable, especiallyaround women's health issues. As a health professionalmyself, I have referred multiple pregnant andpostpartum clients to Carlie with full confidence in hertreatments and education she provides.

Mel M

I began seeing Carlie for massages in January of 2019. Iconsistently would book with her bi-weekly since thetime of first meeting her because I loves the way sheworked so much. Carlie is intuitive in her healing, has agreat warmth to her personality, and consistently metmy needs for RMT care. I highly recommend connectingwith Carlie if you are looking for a great massagebacked with a lot of knowledge and skill, and want towork with someone who genuinely cares about yourwellbeing.

Samantha B

Finding Carlie as my massage therapist and MLDpractitioner was a blessing in my life. She is a talentedand gifted professional who treats with an intuitivetouch. She was able to work magic on my generalmuscle weariness from yoga and was a godsend when Iinjured my wrist! I was new to MLD when she suggestedit for inflammation and I was sold when it made such adifference reducing the inflammation related to myinjury. I highly recommend her for both massage andMLD.

Darcy A

I was very curious about MLD and its benefits as I have aconnective tissue disorder. I booked a couple differentappointments with various RMTs and Carlie was the firstpractitioner I visited. She was beyond welcoming, kind,and her gentle demeanour made me feel socomfortable. It was evident that every time I visitedCarlie was so passionate about her work and helpingpeople, which is why I chose her as my primary RMT!Every time I left my appointment, I felt physically somuch lighter and generally happier and optimistic.

Aimie S

Apple Tree Orchard

The Nest Massage Therapy is part of a collective of practitioners located at Apple Tree Maternity in Nelson BC.

Carlie works alongside Joanie Mercier, a pelvic floor physiotherapist. Her practice is called Wildberry Physiotherapy. You can check out her website here:

Wildberry Physiotherapy

Together, The Nest Massage Therapy & Wildberry Physiotherapy are called AppleTree Maternity, which is the name of our online booking site through JaneApp.

online booking

The Clinic in Nelson BC


We are located in Apple Tree Maternity Clinic in Nelson, BC On the unceded territory of the Sinixt, Syilx & Ktunaxa.

Photo by Jamie Perchie

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